Welcome to The SaaS Baton!

“Of all the lessons we’ve gathered — traversing this long, arduous, nonetheless meaningful and rewarding journey that is building a SaaS business — one stands out: We couldn’t have done it alone.

Having access to advise from some incredibly generous minds on the interwebs, has shaped our thinking, and thus, some of our most critical decisions. The first hires, the cash-flow puzzles, the particular grasp of knowing what not to build, and others. 

Relay, a community-driven knowledge network, is a small way with which we’re hoping to pay it forward. A place where you can seek similar counsel on challenges from peers who’ve been there already; if not definite answers, perspectives that’ll help you feel (and probe) the fullness of a problem.” 

Krish and Rajaraman, 

Co-founders, Relay, and Chargebee 

In the same vein, we’re excited to introduce you to The SaaS Baton. 

A fortnightly newsletter that will bring you three, select pieces of advice drawn from the thoughtful exchanges and interviews taking place on Relay. 

All casting necessary light on both known and unknown SaaS challenges. All bearing squiggly signatures of founders’ first-hand experiences. All teeming with tact and insight. Delivered every other Wednesday. 

P.S. We’re keen on hearing what you think of this format. So, please do write to us with your feedback?

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The community-driven second brain for SaaS startups. Curated with love by Chargebee.