Competing with email clients and spreadsheets, field notes on bringing in first operators, and cake โ€˜even overโ€™ ice cream.
42 inspiring heuristics and hunches from 194 years of building...
A Venn diagram for pursuing meaningful (and sustainable) work, โ€œdebuggingโ€ goals, and responding to the looming hard times with balance.
Says Trello's Michael Pryor. Here's him and other founders looking inward, then turning their gazes right back to name โ€” and pass on how theyโ€™ve dealtโ€ฆ
Deceiving vitamins, the limiting hold of carrying capacity on consumer SaaS, and the work of tending to AI-first, B2B roadmaps.
(Still) THE north star metric, how even thorough user interviews can amount to nothing, and reaffirming the understated opportunity of acquisitions.
The problems with metering and feature gating, how the ideal sales process isnโ€™t about you, and deploying customer feedback as the gift that it is.
Rethinking refactoring, really knowing the decisive, tricky terrain of startup momentum, and reaching beyond founder-led sales.
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